Revolutionising Business Intelligence

Empower your business with data insights crafted for precision and privacy.

Cost Efficiency

No need to hire expensive data teams. Our system intelligently analyses your data, saving you time and money.

No Hallucinations

Our algorithms are trained to provide reliable insights, eliminating the common issue of inaccuracies found in models like Large Language Models (LLMs).

Data Privacy

Your data stays private. We prioritise your information's security and confidentiality above all else.

How to Get Started

1. Load Data

Import all your unstructured data into Pluto Genie's platform.

2. Train the Model

Customise and fine-tune the model with your organisational data.

3. Create Knowledge Graph

The model processes your data, crafting a comprehensive knowledge graph.

4. Query Naturally

Interact using natural language to uncover deep insights and answers.

Use Cases

Strategic Decision-Making with Financial Insights

The CFO asks, "What cost centres have the most variance between forecasted and actual spending?" Pluto Genie analyses budget reports, financial statements, and departmental forecasts to pinpoint areas of financial inefficiency.

Supply Chain Optimisation from Order Histories

A supply chain manager asks, "Which suppliers have the highest incidence of delayed shipments?" Pluto Genie reviews purchase orders, delivery records, and supplier communications for recommendations.

Optimising Onboarding from Employee Feedback

HR manager enquires, "What challenges do new hires face in their first three months?" Pluto Genie identifies common onboarding hurdles through feedback analysis.

Real-time Project Risk Assessment

Project manager enquires, "What are the risk factors for Project X based on similar past projects?" Pluto Genie predicts potential risks through historical data analysis.

Dynamic Sales Playbooks

Sales teams query, "What objections did clients have about Product Y?" Pluto Genie aggregates common objections and successful responses from sales interactions.

Contract Management and Analysis

General Counsels ask, "Which clauses in our contracts are most often negotiated or lead to disputes?" Pluto Genie sifts through contract databases and dispute resolutions to identify and flag high-risk clauses, facilitating smarter contract drafting and negotiation strategies.

How It Works

Self-Learning AI

At the core of Pluto Genie lies an advanced self-learning AI that adapts and evolves with your data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date insights.

Knowledge Graphs

Utilising cutting-edge technology to construct dynamic knowledge graphs that map out relationships and insights within your data for easy querying.

Customisable Models

Our platform supports fine-tuning of AI models to align with your organisation’s unique needs, maximising relevance and precision in insights extraction.

Pluto Genie leverages these technological advancements to transform unstructured data into actionable business intelligence, revolutionising how companies access and use information.

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